A new ArtProfSpilka’s project “The Odessa Performance Laboratory” started

  • Where: Odessa, st. Primorskaya 15/17
  • Date: 2016.11.16
  • Start: 20:00



We are pleased to inform that November 16, the birth of a new large-scale project of the Public Organization ArtProfSpilka – the Odessa Performance Laboratory took place.

Organizers of the Public Organization ArtProfSpilka Valeria Zablotskaya (co-organizer of ArtProfSpilka and Underpub Art Center, performer) and Dmitry Zablotsky (co-organizer of ArtProfSpilka and Underpub Art Center) and Odessa performers Milena Nedbaieva, Victoria Horoshilova, Andrew Utenkov, Elizabeth Rarog (founder and director of the theatre “Rama la Tor”), Timur Belkin (founder and director of the theatre “La Briar”), Margarita Razumovich, Arseny Vasilenko, Alexander Loginov, Irina Shevchenko met at the round table in the Art Center “Underpub”.

The participants of the meeting discussed problems of the performative situation that exists in Odessa today, reviewed and took to realization a big strategic plan of the project development. The plan designed and presented to discussion by founder of the project, the artist-performer Milena Nedbaieva with support of her colleagues and project co-organizators Victoria Khoroshilova and Andrew Utenkov. The plan envisages for an active work in several ways, including:

  • Creation and development of the network community of performers in Odessa. Just now the community comprises 15 experienced performers working both individually and in groups. Depending on our personal interests and creative tasks, we work with separate directions or with synthesis of various art forms. We experiment in the space between the disciplines of contemporary art: conceptual art, visual art, body art, theatre, dancing as the study of movement and physicality, intuitive art, audio art and video art.

The geography performative activity includes theatres, galleries, museums, art centres, exhibitions and festivals, private apartments, streets and squares, city parks, seaside in Odessa. We also work in other cities and the capital of Ukraine.

We create a really unusual, extraordinarily creative work. Through the art of performance, we encourage audience to interact in a joint research. We challenge and dive into exciting topics. We explore and look for answers to questions to find out new ways, exits and solutions.

  • Outreach and Education Program. In particular, the creation of the Odessa School of Performance.
  • Creation of the Festival of Performance Art in Odessa.
  • The active participation of the community in large international projects of contemporary art, local and foreign festivals, the biennale of contemporary art etc.
  • Cultural connections with different vectors. On the one hand, we intend to attract Ukrainian and international experts with the aim of exchanging experience and engaging in our educational and other programs. And, on the other hand, we would like to present the Odessa performative arts in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Creation of a very special space – an art residence, a creative laboratory of Odessa performance art to support talented Odessa, Ukrainian and foreign performers.
  • Fundraising: we search for support and funding sources for the project expansion for qualitative growth and development.

Odessa is rightfully considered to be one of the largest Ukrainian centres of culture and art. Our city gave the world a huge number of talented artists and cultural workers. However, just now, the specific performative situation in Odessa is tightly linked with the local issues of contemporary art. So, we set our goals as follows:

  • We aim to break the audience hermeticity and to destroy the image of “elitism” of contemporary art to overcome a cultural and informational gap between performers and mass urban audience in Odessa. We strive to make our performance art more noticeable and accessible, to make performance language clearer and more familiar to perceive for Odessa residents. We believe that the transformative power of performance art helps us to solve successfully not just artistic and cultural but also social and public problems.
  • To fill in the available niches in Odessa performative art.
  • To create the best cultural and economic conditions for development of creativity of talented performers in Odessa.
  • To overcome isolation and lagging behind of current trends in modern international performance practice by visiting similar projects abroad, by observing the performative situation in other countries and by involvement into our project of domestic and foreign experts in the field of performance.
  • We strive to make our project fully meet the current demands and needs of society. As art and culture experts notice that the process of cultural decentralization has already begun in our country. Through local initiatives, a capital monopoly on the cultural and intellectual life disappears.
  • We dream to achieve a higher level of performance art in Odessa and Ukraine. We strive for qualitative growth that can bring Odessa on the international map of performative art.

In summary, we are pleased to report that the meeting passed efficiently and the project launched successfully. The organizers of the Odessa Performance Laboratory invite all interested in the implementation of this project which is undoubtedly actual and useful for Odessa!