About us

ArtProfSpilka is the Ukrainian public organization which brings together culture and art doers and assists in the implementation of creative projects with the aim cultural, moral, humanitarian and aesthetic development of Ukraine and its people.

ArtProfSpilka helps artists and culture doers, collectives and creative individuals. Our organization provides help in several ways, including:

  • – financing;
  • – legal advice and support;
  • – marketing and advertising;
  • – popularization.

ArtProfSpilka also focuses on international cooperation. ArtProfSpilka participates in joint projects of public organizations, galleries and cultural centres of different countries and organizes concerts, festivals, exhibitions on international scale.


We strive to bring an oeuvre of unknown but talented authors to their target audience by organizing concerts, literary evenings, exhibitions and, subsequently, by promoting the preparation and publication of literary, musical, photographic, video and other artistic pieces.

In Odessa, launched a nationwide series of projects of "Ukrainian Renaissance". Its first phase was devoted to the prominent Ukrainian artist-sculptor of monuments Mikhail Boychuk got the name "Postbuychukіzm".


In Odessa held a street art project "Postbuychukіzm". In this street artists have redefined the creative heritage of Mykhailo Boichuk and his associates...


Our projects